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Former Students: Are you a Careers CLiC Alum? We are seeking former Upper Valley students who participated in Junior Achievement, Job Shadow Day, Learn to Earn, STEM Presentations and/or the TIPS Internship Program from 1998 on. Tell us your story!

Current Students: Keys to successful career and life planning are knowing yourself well, researching your options and being prepared.

Know Yourself

Understanding who you are, what your interests are, where you are most comfortable working and how you interact with others is essential to planning life after high school. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Talk to a school counselor about career planning tools available at your school. Some schools subscribe to online career planning services, and student Personalized Learning Plan (PLP) platforms may have features to help you identify your interests, determine your personality type, etc.
  • Pay attention to how you work best:
    • by yourself or in a room full of people?
    • indoors or outdoors?
    • independently or on a team?
    • in a workshop or at a desk?
    • on a computer or at an easel?
    • with people or with animals?


Wondering what job is right for you? Here are several websites that give employment trends, career information, education and training requirements and ideas for planning:


After you’ve identified your interests and done your research, it’s time to prepare. Here are some ways you can get some experience:

  • Talk to a School Counselor, Extended Learning Opportunities (ELO) Coordinator or Work-based Learning Coordinator about internship opportunities.
  • Look into a Registered Youth Apprenticeship.
  • Apply for a part-time job to start gaining skills and building your resume.
  • Understand your rights as an employee depending on your age by exploring the U.S. Department of Labor’s YouthRules!