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Since 1998, over 1,200 employers across New Hampshire and Vermont have participated in Careers CLiC programs. Small firms, large enterprises, local businesses, global corporations, nonprofits and government agencies have found meaningful ways to share their knowledge and resources to help students find their career paths.

Benefits to Employers

  • demonstrate a tangible commitment to supporting the community;
  • increase recognition in their service and employment area;
  • expose students to actual job opportunities available in our region;
  • influence K-12 curriculum to better address the needs of workplaces;
  • show students and educators the skills required of the current workforce;
  • increase the education community’s understanding of the local economy;
  • promote youth mentoring as a tool for staff development;
  • create a feeling of personal satisfaction that comes from mentoring a young person;
  • improve the productivity of entry-level workers; and
  • boost employee morale and professional pride by giving staff a chance to share what they do for a living with students and educators.
  • Training opportunities
  • Volunteer opportunities

Important Information on Hiring Youth