High school students are ready to choose coursework that expands their career horizons, acquire pre-employment skills and practice what they’ve learned in school in structured work experience – either through part-time paid jobs or unpaid internships. Careers CLiC designs quality internship programs aligned with state standards and brings guest speakers into classrooms for advanced economics lessons. These programs enable students to deepen their understanding of themselves and acquire skills to prepare for their future.

TIPS (Training Interns and Partnering for Success)

The TIPS Career Readiness Course and Internship Program is available to New Hampshire and Vermont high schools. Lesson plans include topics that are critical to preparing students for their first work experiences:

  • Goals and Expectations
  • Emerging Fields
  • Ideal Job
  • Job Searching
  • Resume Writing
  • Cover Letters
  • Interviewing
  • Innovation
  • Local Work Environments
  • Workplace Safety
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Internship Preparation
  • Reflection

The TIPS curriculum is aligned with New Hampshire’s Work-Study Practices, Vermont’s Education Quality Standards Transferable Skills and the 4Cs (Communication, Collaboration, Creativity and Critical thinking).

New Hampshire and Vermont schools can request the TIPS Lesson Plans.

Business leaders can Volunteer to participate in TIPS as a guest speaker, tour site or internship host.

Anyone can Make a Donation to support TIPS in New Hampshire and Vermont schools!

“My internship was amazing and I didn’t want to leave at the end of the week. The internship made it clearer to me that I want to work with animals as a career.”    –TIPS Student Intern


Economics Program

Guest speakers from area businesses share their experiences, introducing students to the fundamentals of personal finance, citizenship and entrepreneurship. In the Upper Valley region, Careers CLiC offers the following high school economics program:

Upper Valley educators can Host a Program in their classrooms.

Business leaders can Volunteer to teach JA lessons in local classrooms.

Anyone can Make a Donation to give students access to JA in local schools!

My students have taken part in JA for years and I hope to continue this relationship into the future.  We are often pressed for time and this out of school support helps expose our kids to more of the “real” world waiting for them after graduation.  It was valuable and I believe more than well worth the small investment of time.”    –Junior Achievement Classroom Teacher