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Middle School Career Exploration

“The experience was very eye-opening, and I enjoyed it. I think it gave me some insight on what job I might choose in the future.”
Participating Student
Middle school is the ideal time to help students begin to explore interests and related career options. Careers CLiC is developing an age-appropriate career exploration guide for middle schools which will include:
  • Activities for students in grades 6-8
  • Lesson plans for educators
  • Youth workforce development materials for employers
  • Resources for parents and guardians
  • Develops interests
  • Expands awareness of local jobs
  • Fosters community engagement
  • Sparks conversations with adults
  • Links education with career pathways
  • Inspires personalized & extended learning
  • Enhances goal setting
  • Equips students for high school planning

New Hampshire and Vermont middle schools will have access to the new Guide once it is developed.

Business leaders can Volunteer to participate as classroom speakers and by hosting students in their workplaces.

Anyone can Make a Donation to support youth career development!

“Students were able to see how different skills are used within one company/one job!”

Participating Employer