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Elementary School Career Awareness


Bringing guest speakers from area businesses into elementary classrooms gives students a chance to gain early financial literacy skills and learn about economics and entrepreneurship. Careers CLiC facilitates K-5 programs to provide a foundation of career awareness students can build upon later. In the Upper Valley region of New Hampshire and Vermont, we offer the following programs:

Upper Valley educators can Host a Program in their classrooms.

Business leaders can Volunteer to teach JA lessons in local classrooms.

Anyone can Make a Donation to give students access to JA in local schools!

“I enjoyed the opportunity to share my expertise with students and find it rewarding to know that I am able to ready students for important financial and career decisions that will come their way.”    –Junior Achievement Business Volunteer

“My students have taken part in JA for years and I hope to continue this relationship into the future. We are often pressed for time and this out of school support helps expose our kids to more of the “real” world waiting for them after graduation. It was valuable and I believe more than well worth the small investment of time.”     –5th Grade Teacher